our story

At SHAG we’re professional, creative and passionate about what we do.
We’re fun and edgy … but not trying too hard to be that way, it’s just part of who we are. The asterisk in the logo is very representative of the owners of SHAG. There is always a subtle joke, subtext or inuendo with most of the comments, events, people and service you get at SHAG. We don’t take ourselves too seriously… but we’re professionals, up on the trends, on top of the latest products and techniques. We are very relationship-oriented with our clients. Most of our clients are like family or a good friend … so we have fun, like to laugh and might share an inside joke with them … when we’re working with them. The people who work here all have very unique and dynamic personalities and are all very interesting people in their own right…but together this group has a tangible energy that courses through the shop creating an environment people want to drop by and experience, even when they aren’t getting their hair cut. It’s just fun and lots of laughs. It makes you feel good and included. Above all this combination of passion for what we do and the fun we infuse into our culture ultimately means our clients walk out of our shop looking super-hot and feeling like a couple million bucks.*

* monetary amount you feel like, may vary based on the price of oil & gas. welcome to calgary.